The company WinX– Emre Kalıp is established in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. Our factory is on 8.000 m² closed producing area and 700 m² office area. We are a big company and producing upvc profile’s accesssories as handle, hinge, fixing adapters etc in Hadımkoy. The registered mark WinX is our sign for quality products in accessorie market. We export pvc accessories to about 15 country today.  Our vision is produce high qualitiy products in sustainable methods for all the world.

We can provide upvc window and door handles, zinc hinges, 3D zinc and aluminium hinges, srews, espagnolettes, espagnolettes with lock, zinc fixing adapters, respose of espagnolettes and all the other pvc accessories for using in pvc profile. When you decide to enter this market or improve your business, you should select we to get succesfull carrier.

Let’s make the world better, together.